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Books and periodicals printing
Zhengzhou packaging
Zhengzhou pictorial printing
Zhengzhou pictorial printing
  • On the market for a variety of printed matter
  • Always bring you all kinds of confusion……
Paper thin、Rough、Easy to wear and tearA single process,To reach the ideal effectProduct size error is big,Edge
          Edge cutting is not neat
Time limit for a project、Delay time of delivery
Small scale enterprises,There is no quality、After-sale protectionAllocate uneven ink、Color
          The color dark big deviation
32Precipitation years in powerFive big advantage for you to choose fromAG亚游集团
31 years of sedimentation five advantages to let you choose Ruiguang
Top designer teamTop designers team

AG亚游集团The design department,Gathered a group of professional knowledge,A thinking,Designers have insights,Won the domestic and international awards,Walk in the front of the henan printing design,The company also is equipped with creative design department,And with independent creative brand——At the beginning of a good,To undertake a variety of creative design business。

AG亚游集团The picture album design team
Eight color printing machine
The advanced printing equipmentThe advanced printing equipment

The company has the international leading levelCTPDirect plate-making system and digital workflow,Eight color offset printing machine imported multi-color offset press Heidelberg, Germany、Eight four-color offset rotary press、Riding interlocking machine、The Swiss martini automatic line with gum、Automatic martini hardcover line、Automatic oil machine、Automatic die cutting、Automatic pasting box machines before printing、Printing、Postpress equipment。

Adopt green printing materialThe use of green environmental protection printing material

In order to improveAG亚游集团In the environment,ProtectionAG亚游集团A total of homes,AG亚游集团Printing from material selection to production process,Use the green design,In the process of printing less polluting、Resources and energy saving,After print waste recycle is easy to recycle、Can be natural degradation、Little influence on the ecological environment,With the printing materials and other creatures are non-toxic harmless to human health,Protect your health,Zhengzhou blue sky blue water。

Green printing enterprise
AG亚游集团Printing and distribution
Professional logistics distributionProfessional logistics and distribution

The company is equipped with a special delivery vehicles,Local customers door-to-door delivery free of charge,Different customers to provide packaging
Give the solution,From the customer's worries。

Feel free to customer service  For your security escortRest assured that customer service  for your security escort

AG亚游集团Have pre-sale、Sale、After-sales customer evaluation system,Customer can freelyAG亚游集团Each phase of the service to evaluate Suggestions,AG亚游集团Will be seriously considered,To accept,Your proposal,IsAG亚游集团The source of progress。

AG亚游集团Customer service team
PrintingPK AG亚游集团There is reason to
The quality isAG亚游集团The goal has been waiting for
Printing large PK,the RuiGuang is reason to,Quality is always our goal to seek
AG亚游集团Printing products
Other printed products

The paper:

The thickness of the medium,Comfortable feel,Shine bright

The paper:

The thickness of the thin、Rough、Easy to wear and tear

Printing ink:

Ink uniform have layers,Color bright luster

Printing ink:

Allocate uneven ink,A dim color difference is big


Size error is small,Cutting the vertical edges


Size error is big,Edge cutting is not neat

Time limit for a project:

Germany imported equipment,Delivery on time with good quality

Time limit for a project:

Time limit for a project,Delay time of delivery

Successful cases
AG亚游集团Customers include the education、Medical care、Beauty、The real estate、Jewelry、Good food、Airlines、Clothing、Government agencies, etc
  • So dragon pharmaceutical packaging series
  • Culture in henan province
  • The collection book
  • Mong tsai milk packaging series
  • Financial business with standard series
  • All three zongzi series packaging
  • Advertising materials printed
  • Album art cultural enterprises
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